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I just got back from a SESSION JOB - and a PAYING ONE too! Someone who recently left my work is doing a research project just down the road and asked some of us to go along and help, so I went and spent seven minutes reading out a bunch of words, over and over again. Apparently it is to help THE FRENCH learn how to speak English, tho I dread to think how they're going to get on with my input - the first TAKE i did they stopped and said "Be more relaxed, don't enunciate so much" so i did the NEXT one in STRAIGHT PETERBOROUGH. A voice came through from next door, "Do you think you could pronounce SOME of the consonants?"

It was all done in an ANECHOIC CHAMBER, which was a little unsettling. I'm used to being in Recording Studios with a BIT of sound-proofing and INDEED there's some BAFFLES at Snug that live up to the name, as if you put your ear next to them you get SILENCE. However, this one was The Real Deal - i actually sat inside a sort of CAGE (a Faraday cage, i now learn) in the middle of a room padded on all six sides with foamy pyramids, so that when the door shut it was INCREDIBLY silent. Having been knackered all weekend (I've been poorly - i know, i've been VERY BRAVE and hardly mentioned it) my body reacted IMMEDIATELY by wanting to go to sleep, it was lovely!

When all was done I signed a sheet and got a FIVER in an envelope for my troubles - most profitable session EVER!

posted 8/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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