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Blog: Early Birds HO!

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I popped into an almost DESERTED Post Office this morning to a) drop off the pre-stamped PROMO copies of the album and b) get stamps for the ABROAD copies. It was a bit strange in there, as there was NO MENTION of the fact that there's actually no postal service at all, and they took money for postage with no remark about how it could take MUCH longer than usual to get there. It was STRANGE.

Anyway, that's THAT mostly done - there's a few others to go out tomorrow, but then that's THE LOT, and so I thought it was about time to do the traditional EARLY BIRD OFFER to people on the NEWSLETTER. Usually i ZAP the newsletter subscribers a week or so BEFORE we release stuff so that they can get it early, but this time the fact that there's only going to be about 100 copies available has got some people in a slight LATHER, so I thought I'd do it a bit earlier than planned, just so people could EASE their MINDS. To be honest I don't think anyone who REALLY wants one is going to miss out, but it's lovely that people think they might!

Also available to early birders is the LOVELY new t-shirt - this ISN'T hand-made and, if I run out, I'll happily order a few more to take on tour with me, but I wonder what I'll do if the CD sells out before i head off? I can't make any more, as a) it'd be DISHONEST after saying I'd make 200 and b) after making 200 i really really REALLY do NOT want to make any more. I might just print up some CARDS with details to search for on iTunes or something, i guess we shall see... actually this reminds me of all round good guy Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey who, when he was in his POMP ruling over The Durham Ox AND Sorted Records would REGULARLY have to be talked out of re-ordering extra THOUSANDS of singles before they'd even been released, such was his BELIEF in the BRILLIANCE of what he was releasing and desire NOT to disappoint the thousands who would instantly realise this. He was often disappointed in his bid to bring brilliance to the people, but we always seemed to be back at the bar a few months later suggesting that no, maybe he shouldn't ring the pressing plant just yet.

Well, we'll see what happens won't we? At the moment though i am VERY excited at the prospect of other people actually getting to HEAR this new album - I'd dead chuffed with it, I hope others will CONCUR!

posted 9/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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Hey Mark,

There is a slight problem with the early bird offer, in that the link from the newsletter takes you to the expired early bird offer for The Gay Train single. I dunno if it needs to update or what...
posted 9/10/2007 by Exohexoh

Sorry about that everyone - i got a bit excited and didn't check the link first. You should have had an email with a correction,if not let me know!
posted 9/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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