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Blog: Down And Out

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It was a GRATE post-tour weekend just gone, during which i got all SORTS of things sorted out, had that MAMMOTH blogging session, and also utilised the one and only transferable skill GARNERED from years in ROCK: furniture moving. We're redecorating our downstairs spare room and turning it into MY OFFICE! Well, not my ACTUAL office at work, that'd be weird and, frankly, pointless, but into a room with DESKS and COMPUTERS and GUITARS and a HECK of a lot of bookshelves. I am RATHER excited about it, and as part of the preparation process I cleared out all the current STUFF within it, moving most of it next door. The Women were AWED by the high speed at which this was achieved and, I think, came to regret saying so as it gave me an excuse to once again ROLL OUT the old "Ah well, when you've moved as many amps down fire escapes as I have, these sort of skills tend to ... no, come back, I've got HOURS of Amusing Gear Lugging Anecdotes yet!"

As well as all that I also recorded my track for the Kooba Radio Christmas Spectacular. They're doing a version of the Bugsy Malone musical, with various bands doing the songs, so I sat down and sorted out "Down And Out" which, I think, came out quite well - there's about four lead guitars on it at the end, which was a LOT of fun. I'd been putting off doing it, as I wasn't familiar with the song and was DREADING having to sit down and work it out but, as it happens, there's only three chords in the whole song. Maybe that's why the Koobas chose it for me? If so, PHEW!

And in other PHEW news - JUST as I'd finished recording it the entire DIRECTORY of mixes and tracks DISAPPEARED from my portable hard drive. It was TERRIFYING, hours of work: GONE! Luckily i remembered C:WINDOWSTEMP. Normally on our aged machine (Windows 98!) this is my NEMESIS, filling with HUGE files, but this time it was a GODSEND, for LO! there was a .tmp file which turned out to be the final mix of the song. RELIEF, she FLOODED the room!

posted 5/11/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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