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Blog: Googling For Airplay

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Earlier on this week I did my usual GOOGLING for A Million Ukeleles and found that that nice Mr John Kennedy had played the title track on his BFBS show. This is really rather GRATE - he played Chips And Cheese, Pint Of Wine on his XFM Show the week before, and I'm not sure that he's EVER played anything by us before. I am PLEASED.

In a similar vein, I got an email from Jim Ingham who does On The Wire on Radio Lancashire to tell me he'd be playing Programming Is A Poetry For Our Time this weekend. His show was always highlighted as "Prestigious" on all the plugging reports we used to get, and it certainly has one of the most "Peel-y" tracklistings, so i am WELL chuffed about it. And on top of all that, I think it's this Sunday that my session on Bristol Uncovered is going out, which I recorded whilst ON THE ROAD the other week.

It's all pretty good really isn't it? It's weird tho - the other day I was thinking about how quietly the whole A Million Ukeleles thing had passed by, when ACTUALLY it only feels like that because it all went so SMOOTHLY! The big HITCH was the postal strike, but that just seems to have spread things out a bit more, so instead of getting a BIG HIT of reviews and/or airplay in the space of a week, it's all happened a bit more slowly. And now that I think about it, COR, we've done quite well haven't we? Nice reviews and, actually, quite a bit of radio plays, all for something that's only had 200 copies and not much CONCERTED PLUGGING.

As you can probably tell, I'm in a bit of a less grumpy mood than yesterday! We went to the PUB with an old PAL last night, and he asked if Things In ROCK were "taking off". "Not taking off, no" I said, "Just sort of Gradually Rising". If I'd had less BEER inside me i would have said it was less like an AEROPLANE taking off and more like MOUNTAINS forming, much more gentle but also more INEXORABLE. Why, all I have to do is keep releasing albums for a couple of MILLENIA and I'll be bigger than THE TWANG!

posted 23/11/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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You'd think you'd at least merit a mention on - "The World's Greatest Ukulele weblog". Perhaps they object to the English spelling of the word?
posted 23/11/2007 by Anonymous

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