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Blog: Prices: SLASHED. Outcome: INSANITY!

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As mentioned below, I've been having a bit of a clearout lately resulting in all my STUFF being in the same place... and I've noticed that i have rather MORE of some items than I thought! HENCE i've decided to go LITERALLY (well, not literally) KRAZY, and SLASH PRICES!

SO, as of NOW, ALL prices in our shop are DOWN DOWN DOWN. All of our t-shirts are now reduced to £8.00, except for the I VALIDATE! Shirts which are still at £4.00.

Over in the CDs, WE VALIDATE! is down to £8.00, while EVERYTHING ELSE (including Say It With Words and Warriors Of Nanpantan) is down to just £4.00! FOUR QUID!

"Heckers Neckers Hibbett", you are surely thinking, "CALM DOWN!" but no, there is MORE! On top of all this, if you buy any ONE item, t-shirt or CD, i'll chuck in a FREE copy of Better Things To Do, buy any TWO and you'll get The Uberset AS WELL!!

And there's MORE! As ever, with all our online sales, postage and packing is completely free, wherever you live in the world - yes, you surmise correctly: I HAVE GONE OUT OF MY MIND!

I've also realised that I'd REALLY like to have something OTHER than unsold albums on my nice new shelves, which means that EVERYBODY wins - you get BARGAINS, i get storage space! And HEY! Nothing says CHRISTMAS more than a whole PILE our albums, now does it?

posted 28/11/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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