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Blog: Return To Bristol

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I'm just listening to MYSELF talking to Gary from Bristol Uncovered - this is the session I did the other week while we were there on TOUR, and it got broadcast this Sunday just passed. You can LISTEN AGAIN to it on their Listen Again Page, should you wish to hear REMARKS re. The Nature Of Indie, Songwriting Creepiness, and Tour Booking. It's a bit weird for me to listen to, as it's long enough ago that I've forgotten what I said and so am sat here going "That's RIGHT! By golly, this chap has some SOUND OPINIONS!" and then remembering it's ME.

Also from the Bristol leg of the tour, Mr Pete Green has just released a DOWNLOAD ONLY Live Album featuring his set from that night, and rather excellent it is too, although "Share Your Kit" is slightly marred by what appears to be a WOUNDED BISON, HOWLING along with the choruses... while playing a ukelele. It's DOWNLOADABLE HERE, and I'd particularly recommend NEW SONG "One Monday morning", which is ACE!

Meanwhile, here in the current time, i am preparing for this weekend's BLAT of GIGGING, starting tonight in Brixton before flying off to The Island Bar in BRUM tomorrow and then The Red House in Sheffield on Sunday. Now, how do these "chords" work again?

posted 29/11/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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One Monday Morning is indeed utterly gorgeous. Pete needs to release that as the next title track of his next EP, methinks.

Ah, the Cornubia.. happy memories indeed, the great end to a great week!
posted 29/11/2007 by Warren

The CD that Rocker gave me has got the MJH ukulele set and half of the guitar set as well (his battery ran out during 'The Gay Train'). Did he send copies to you chaps? Let me know if you want one. Hee! I was getting all grinny and daft listening to it all.
posted 29/11/2007 by Pete Green

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