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Blog: Nice People In ROCK

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Crumbs, I got an email actually FROM Noted Author Mike Gayle today - next week I'm sending out about 10 copies of the ALBUM to people who i LIKE, but don't KNOW. The idea is that I've already sent out over 70 copies of the album to people I don't know, many of whom I can't STAND, and most of whom will simply ignore it i.e. Music Journalists. In order to BALANCE OUT this bad vibe A RAMA, I thought it'd be a good idea to send it to some people whose books or records or online stuff I really enjoy. I found Mr Gayle's Official Site and emailed to ask about his address, and he HIMSELF wrote back! When I emailed to thank him for details he emailed AGAIN - i know this doesn't sound much, but GOOD LORD with the amount of rude and/or uncommunicative people one deal's with when ONE is a Record Company Executive (hem hem), it's a beautiful thing when someone who really doesn't need to be behaves so nicely - a similar thing occurred a couple of weeks ago with Paul Du Noyer of Word Magazine, who wrote a really nice email to say he probably wouldn't be able to do anything for us. Obviously I'd rather he'd said "Hey! Let's put you on the cover!" but still, it was very POLITE of him to take the time to do so.

Yeah! MANNERS are the new rock and roll! HOORAH!

posted 9/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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