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Blog: Getting Back To Normal

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Hello everyone, and happy new year! Already today i've completed TWO of my New Year's PLANS: I got to work at a Reasonable Time and i had an Extra Walk to get here. Actually, i DIDN'T eat tons of food whilst doing so, so I guess that makes it three doesn't it? Whatever, I must say i am THOROUGHLY enjoying the gradual resumption of Normal Service. I did have a very nice Christmas, saw lots of people, got about and did a LOT, but it's EXTREMELY pleasant to feel things fitting back into The Old Grooves. If only I could also fit into my pre-Christmas TROUSERS quite as easily.

As part of that return to the NORM there's some UPDATES whipping up around the site - I've finally put together a PDF version of the booklet for A Million Ukeleles, which you can download HERE, and I'm just about to update the GIGS pages too. I've also nearly finished the first episode of My Exciting Life In ROCK for 2008, which will be up on the PopArt Digest tomorrow, all being well.

It's nice to be back!

posted 2/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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