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Blog: Festive Fifty

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Exciting News reached me by TEXT from Mr Whitaker over Christmas - The Lesson Of The Smiths got in at number 41 in the Dandelion Radio Festive Fifty. HOORAH! I was EXTREMELY chuffed about this, although slightly confused. I'd not made a BIG fuss about it, so i don't THINK there would have been many people just going over and voting for it, and i certainly didn't nominate a song or anything - could it be that Actual Human People That I DON'T Know had heard it and like it? Is that POSSIBLE?

It felt really good anyway, and a lovely CAP for a year where it felt like we REACHED OUT a bit. Of course, my happiness was ONLY INCREASED when i found out that Mr Pete Green was HIGHER UP than us, with "Sparkly" - as anyone who knows me in ROCK will be perfectly clear about, i have NO sense of competitiveness WHATSOEVER, and if it ever LOOKS like I am plotting to wipe out ALL OTHER BANDS, that's actually how i look when i'm INCREDIBLY PLEASED that people I really like have done well.

BUT SERIOUSLY, it does feel like there is Something Occurring when SEVERAL of "Us" do quite well like this, and the very fact there IS any kind of "Us" is a BRILLIANT difference from a few years ago - I'm always WARY of SCENES, as I think they STOP bands from going out and playing to new people, but the current INDIEPOP scene does appear to be geographically spread out enough to stop that happening to much. Or maybe i WOULD say that, since we're partly IN it?

Anyway, it's all GRATE, and the FACT that GOOD PEOPLE like Pete are getting some recognition is a thing of BEAUTY. That said - The Bobby McGees were even higher! CALL THE ASSASINATION SQUAD!

posted 3/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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It does feel like Something is Happening, doesn't it? And it would be nice if promoters in big cities could be sure of 50 or 60 people coming to a popshow instead of being pleasantly relieved when 30 turn up. I want 2008 to be the year when indiepop... not breaks out of the ghetto, but maybe just makes the ghetto a bit bigger.
posted 4/1/2008 by Pete Green

If promoters stop being RELIEVED when 30 people turn up, then i am DOOMED!
posted 4/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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