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Ooh, there's been a FLURRY of activity here this morning, as we've booked not one but TWO recording sessions, to BUMP START the Difficult Fourth Album, which has so far only proved difficult insofar as it's HARD getting five grown-ups TOGETHER enough to actually get on with it. I'm off to do my vocals the week after next then I'm in with The Rhythm Section the week after THAT to do the last few Basic Tracks, and in the meantime hopefully The Tiger will be in to do some more STRINGS. EXPERIENCE has shown me that it's best to BOOK loads of stuff at this time of year when New Year Enthusiasm/Post-Christmas Resolution is HIGH, before the long LETHARGY of It Still Being Dark All The Time sets in.

MEANWHILE, in JOLLITY news, i note that the Kooba Radio Christmas Special is now available for download - it features NOT ONLY my version of "Down And Out" but lots of other RATHER GOOD versions of similar from Kooba Bands. On top of this you have Charlie from the Fighting Cocks in a Small Theatrical Role, and The Voice Of Film Four being INCREDIBLY vulgar. It's rather good!

posted 4/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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