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Blog: Seven Inches Of Pleasure

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They're here! I got a call mid-morning from our reception to let me know that several VERY big boxes had arrived for me, so I tripped merrily upstairs to discover that the singles had arrived! HOORAH!

I was dubious about the idea of doing vinyl singles, but goodness me they don't HALF look nice, there's something incredibly PROPER about them, especially when, frankly, they look so VERY VERY GRATE as these ones do. I'll put the cover up online soon when we start doing the proper pre-release THRILL FRENZY, but you've got to have one in yr hand to appreciate just how DELIGHTFUL they are. OOH!

I'm well chuffed that they've got here so quickly, now I've got to STEEL myself NOT to get all over-excited and send them out early. The whole PROMO PLAN has been organised so that we've plenty of time to get them in the post to DISCOTHEQUES, radio and so forth, in good time for the release date BUT no so long beforehand that everybody just forgets about it. It's still VERY tempting just to get them in the post NOW and eagerly wait for people to LIKE it, but i must be STRONG!

They really are lovely tho - ZANG!

posted 4/3/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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really going to have to do something about my lack of turntableage, if I manage to get hold of this one (my limited-edition-fu is becoming very week; being on a foreign trip this last weekend totally didn't help)... there's an ever increasing pile of unplayable vinyl stacking up :)

by the way, someone on that there youtube said something about badges going around brummagem? what fresh madness is this, and how can one become a part of it (and foist them particularly on long suffering friends who are all the same also partial to covering things with badges...)??
posted 5/3/2008 by another mark

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