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Blog: WARNING: "Hilarious" Joke At End

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Over the past couple of months those of us who live in That London have been BLESSED with the run-up to The London Mayoral Election (feat. Those Other Elections We're Not Quite As Interested In) AKA Ken vs. Boris. It's all been rather jolly as it's involved MANY opportunites to express ALARM at the prospect that some people are not only going to vote for a Conservative, but a) seem to be OPENLY PLEASED WITH THEMSELVES about doing so instead of ASHAMED and b) FOR GOD'S SAKE! It's Boris Johnson! The serial adulterer, lying, massively corrupt, racist, hard right wing BLOODY IDIOT!!

Mr Charlie Brooker, who is GRATE, pretty much sums up my entire feelings on the matter HERE and, i think, bangs the nail soundly on the HEAD. The only upsides we can GLEAN from the ridiculous situation of having this wanker in charge of OUR CAPITAL CITY, NOT A TELLY SHOW is that at LEAST The Young People will get a taster of what Conservatives In Power are actually like. The long long spell of Labour has meant that there are now Youngsters who have no IDEA what Conservatives In Power actually MEANT, and thus go around saying "Yeah, Tony Blair is the most evil prime minister EVAH, nobody has evah been as evil or terrible as him and David Cameron seems like a laugh." I mean, I'm not particularly a fan of New Labour but GOODNESS ME at least Tony Blair never set out to DESTROY THE ENTIRE WORKING CLASS.

Not that i wish to influence anybody's Democratic Rights, of course. When The Cross On My Ballot Paper and I went to vote this morning we were talking about it all on the way in and then i CLAMMED UP as soon as we entered The Polling Room - you can't talk in THERE!!! People might hear you and be SWAYED! It's WRONG!

I LOVE voting - I get all EXCITED when I go in, and then have a PANIC when filling in the forms, thinking "EEK! this is really important! I MUSTN'T accidentally do it WRONG!" (and at least that's some source of hope - if you're enough of a fcukwit to want to vote for Boris then you may well have DIFFICULTY finding the polling station, let alone putting a pencil mark in the right place - and this obviously applies TRIPLE for yr Actual Fascist Party)

The best bit tho is putting yr vote in the box, then WALKING TALL out of the building, having DONE your Civic Duty. It is a very warm feeling of RESPONSIBILITY and Selfless Doing Your Bit. In fact, it's very much like giving blood.

Except, of course (WATCH OUT!), with giving blood (SATIRE ALERT!!) there's only one little prick, with voting there's a whole sheet of them!!!!!!!!

I wonder if that's enough HILARITY to get ME on the ballot paper next time?

posted 1/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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Unfortunately the one prick that you didn't want is now the London mayor. That's just amazingly bad.

For all Ken's faults, at least he was trying to do the right thing. The Guardian on Thursday basically said "vote anyone except Boris" which seems to have gone unheeded.

posted 3/5/2008 by Warren

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