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Blog: BT Tower, Poking Out Of The Beach

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I really must be careful what I have to eat before going to bed!!! Last night we were listening to the radio post-bedtime and, well, i must have dropped off because I had the MOST peculiar dream. I dreamt that London had voted Boris Johnson as Mayor!!!!!!

I know! It was obviously some part of my psyche having a flashback to the 80's or something, when a bunch massively corrupt, self-serving, hopelessly financially incompetent yet private-schooled educatedly arrongant bastards shat over the rest of us with policies designed only to benefit themselves and those like them, and screw the rest of us. For a while the dream was quite amusing - imagine if people DID turn out and vote for them! In this amazing dream there was a hard-right wing racist, lying shit who wanted to demolish all the good work of the past eight years (what MUST my imagination be like! I dreamt that he was going to banish "cronyism" by bringing in his own team of people to do all the work for him, but wouldn't say who they'd even BE!!!) but somehow managed to get away with it by pretending to be a "loveable" "bumbling" "buffoon". In the dream - and, again, I'm sure the milk in my tea must have gone off and turned to cheese or something, as this is ridiculous - people became hypnotised by his silly hair cut!!!

Dear oh dearie me, imagine if that was true! I wonder what DID happen in the Mayoral Elections last night then? Let's just see...

Oh my God. All the time, it was... they finally really did it. You Maniacs! You elected Boris! GODDAM YOU ALL TO HELL!

posted 3/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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