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The Accidental Tour continued today, featuring me DLRing it over to Lewisham PONDERING how much better the world would be if yr Alternative Rock Stars decided to FORGO Heroin (etc) and indulge instead in PUZZLER Magazine. If you're REALLY that unimaginative as to be BORED by the Business of ROCK, you'll find it's an EXCELLENT way of passing the time, extremely absorbing, and a whole LOT cheaper and healthier than THE BROWN. Mind you,heroin doesn't suddenly feature unexpected/random pictures of The Stars Of Daytime Televions in the middle of crossword puzzles (as far as I'm aware anyway) which does rather tend to FREAK ONE OUT.

Still, happy with my success at a particularly knotty PIECEWORD I entered the Fox & Firkin to find it FULL of good times and lovely people, also a SWEEPSTAKE run by the organisers to determine at what time Mr Johnny Yeah would turn up. BLESS, he was already there, and I spoke to him and also MYLES (who am IN LOVE, aaaah) and then met Ellen, who had been to Monkey Chews last night AND is coming to Sheffield tomorrow too - WELL DONE, says I!

It's a lovely place, The Fox - even the Burly Moody Looking Security Guy on the door (who supplied me with my LANYARD! YEAH!) is a smashing chap, and everyone was being WELL efficient. Carl Who Is In Charge was wondering around with walky-talky headphones on, there was a BIG SCREEN (which, OK, was showing the stage which was 20 feet away, but still), a big rider and, as I say, LANYARDS!

Shortly after I arrived I got to see JD & The Longfellows for the first time - I've heard of them for YEARS via Kooba Radio, but it was the first time I'd seen them LIVE, and they were GRATE, turning the whole afternoon suddenly into a BIG DRUNK WEDDING DO. It was FAB! I watched them from the other end of the room, where The Acoustic Stage was set up (i said it was EFFICIENT, and I did not lie) and where, as SOON as they'd finished, Mrs Claire "Dicko" Gibb INTRODUCED me (by telling everyone AGANE about our SHAMEFUL Country House farrago) and I did THIS:
  • I Did A Gig In New York
  • The Fight For History
  • Sod It, Let's Get Pissed
  • It Only Works Because You're Here
  • Do The Indie Kid
  • The Lesson Of The Smiths
  • Easily Impressed

  • It seemed to go pretty well - there were no Young Conservatives FROWNING at me after The Fight For History and indeed there was a big CHOREOGRAPHED DANCE TROUPE for Do The Indie Kid. I actually COMPLETELY forgot the second half of the first verse of Sod It, Let's Get Pissed so tried again... and forgot it AGANE, so covered by... er... saying "Lalala i've forgotten all the words". I don't think anybody noticed. Or if they did, they didn't appear to mind.

    Afterwards it was HO! for the BEER GARDEN where suddenly everything was beginning to feel a bit like SUMMER. It was LOVELY, as indeed was the company, and a happy hour or so was passed with BEER and TALL STORIES before it was time for me to head back to the Future Train, and for home. I am on TOUR, I needs to get some KIP!

    posted 4/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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    MJ you are ACE as always! Thanks for your lovely Longfellows comments! It was great that you have finally got to see us play live!!

    Good luck with the rest of the tour and I'm sure we will catch you soon!

    Clare 'Shortfellow' Portman
    posted 5/5/2008 by Anonymous

    Mr Hibbett you are a legend, thank you so much for coming.

    carl twobob
    posted 8/5/2008 by carl twobob

    Mr Hibbert; I look forward to attaching another lanyard around your neck next year...

    Burly Moody Looking Security Guy
    posted 25/5/2008 by Anonymous

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