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It really feels like i am ON TOUR now - for the first couple of gigs it was just like, well, doing a couple of gigs, but it feels like SUCH and INCREDIBLY long time since I was last at work, and Thursday's gig in Nottingham feels like YEARS ago, so I thinki am back in The Saddle... just in time to pack in tomorrow night!

Another part of feeling ON TOUR is the documentary evidence that has accrued, such as Warren's Pictures of Sheffield (CLEARLY demonstrating Participation), or Phil's video of Thursday where there be DANCING. Whilst looking at that one I also noticed THIS video of us doing "To The End" on the BARGE. I do appear to be a little "challenged" by some of the singing, tho it's nice to see a) Miss L Pattison dancing away and b) NO SIGN of footage of The Country House debacle later on... phew!

It's really nice finding these little bits of documentation floating around - the only downside of being ON TOUR (did I mention that I'm ON TOUR at the moment, by the way?) is that it can FLIT BY a bit, and the actual gig bits can quickly FADE from the BRANE, so seeing them again like this is lovely. Thanks very much, everyone, for sticking them up!

posted 7/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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