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Blog: School Reunion

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I went to my School Reunion on Saturday night. It was a) WEIRD and b) GRATE, usually both at the same time!

I met beforehand with my colleagues Messrs Guest and Myland for some mutual GEEING UP before we went in. They were affecting airs of nonchalance, i was EXCITED! When we went into the proper pub where it was happening there was suddenly about a DOZEN people who i hadn't seen for TWENTY YEARS - my brain was going "Oh yes, there's Dean" while simultaneously screaming "AAAARGHH!!!! WHAT IS! GOING! ON?"

It was all lovely tho, especially when my Best Friend From Junior School Mr Steven Carter arrived - we spent ALL out time hanging around together back then, and after brief preliminary Grown-Up stuff (Married? Kids? Living?) we got straight down to the important business of each other's opinion of the current series of Judge Dredd. OH YES. It was BRILL - I've not seen him for ... er... nearly 17 years, and most of my memories are of running around EITHER in sunshiney playgrounds playing Battle Of The Planets OR of being around at his house doing pretty much the same, but being together i suddenly remembered things like "AH! Steve says things like THAT!" as long dormant bits of BRANE got back into action.

So yes, it was bloody lovely, even tho sometimes it was a bit odd when people said "Everybody's still the same!" I'm not! Surely? I'd like to think not anyway, and a couple of others did quietly mention this, but if felt like a guilty secret. Also NOTICEABLE was the fact that everybody LOOKED the same... as long as you looked only at the middle of their faces. When I first went in Robin Gardner, who I'd ALSO know since the age of SIX, came over and for a moment I thought "Who is THIS MAN?!?" then looked at the middle of his face and went "It's Robin!" and the technique stayed VALID throughout the rest of the night.

We moved on to another pub after a bit where we FREAKED OUT our former PE Teacher who happened to be there... tho I seem to recall he was easily confused at the best of times. It ended up being a rather late night, BUT a rather lovely one. Next day, however: not so pleasant. PAIN!

I'm really glad I went - especially as, I think, I managed NOT to try and show off all night and be a wazzock. LOADS of people had said not to go, and amongst our little group only half those who said they'd go actually did, but it was brilliant. I would RECOMMEND!

posted 13/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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