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Blog: Secret Project

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I'm working on a Secret Project at the moment - it is a SECRET!

What i CAN divulge is that it's a song written to order for a sort of advert thingy - if it comes off (and it's looking LOTS more likely than any of the other times I've tried this sort of thing i.e. EVEN VAGUELY) it should be RATHER exciting.

The whole thing started on Monday, when I got given a BRIEF to write a song for, which I wrote and mostly recorded on Monday evening, finishing off on Tuesday before coming in to work. There was then some DISCUSSION, as I had gone for a Metaphorical Lyric which they didn't think would work, so i SIMPLIFIED it massively... which was too simple, so I changed it again. It may sound like this sort of thing would be Annoying, but actually i found it both INTERESTING and also FUN - usually when you write a song it's completely DONE by the time anyone else hears it, and so if it isn't right you can't really go back and change it. Sometimes The Vlads will suggest a change, or even on occasion SEND IT BACK, which is allowable and indeed WELCOME, but doesn't happen very often.

ALSO of course when you write your OWN song you're just doing what you like, whereas this time it was done explicitly to fulfill someone else's requirements... which was BRILLIANT, as it forces the BRANE to try and come up with Elegant Solutions to Problems Posed. THUS I worked out a whole different way of doing the song to fit with what they wanted, then went home and recorded it all over again, last night and this morning.

The second version faced TWO additional problems: firstly, I'd been in the pub with Mileage after work, so was a little DIDDLY, but more importanly SECONDLY I was trying to write it to fit with the VISUALS they'd provided. It was like writing a SOUNDTRACK... sort of. It took a while but I eventually worked out the BPM required to make it nearly fit and the STRUCTURAL ALTERATIONS to make it do so fully, and then did most of the actual recording this morning. I got up at HALF PAST SIX! IN THE MORNING!!!

It's done now though and they seem pretty keen, so we'll have to wait and see what happens. I REALLY hope it works out - i shall let you know how I get on!

posted 14/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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as it forces the BRANE to try and come up with Elegant Solutions to Problems Posed

it's almost as though you worked with databases or something ;)
posted 15/5/2008 by CarsmileSteve

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