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Blog: Soul: UNSOLD

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Bah! The Secret Project I was on about is now UNhappening! They were very nice about it all, but it turns out that tho they wanted a Quirky Homemade Non-Mainstream song, they didn't want it QUITE as Quirky, Homemade and Non-Mainstream as i made it!

I am, of course, GLEEFUL: Who wants to write songs to order and for money? Eh? Oh yeah. THAT WOULD BE ME. Still, they seemed pleased with what I'd done, so who knows, the ONE MAN HIT FACTORY could be fired into action again!

Back in the world of True Indie Rock (which I was thrown into ABRUPTLY last night, meeting that Mr Steve Lamacq in the PUB, and leaving a few minutes before Bob Stanley From St Etienne came in: LONDON GLAMOUR!) a couple more GIGS have appeared, at The Camden Head on May 29th and The Buffalo Bar on June 18th, both in That London. We're also undergoing Constructive Negotiation within The Vlads for time to shoot the VIDEO for our next single, as well as REHEARSALS (yes! us! practicing!) for our show at Indietracks - I'm having a MEETING next weeking with Stage Manager Carsmile, when we should hopefully be able to devise time for a couple of PREVIEWS too.

And talking of Indietracks, they've got an article by ME up now on the Indietracks Blog, talking about how we came to be DOING the World Premiere of My Exciting Life In Rock there.

Cor, that was a bit of a NEWS ROUNDUP wasn't it? Next week: MORE!

posted 16/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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