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Blog: We'll Be Having Negotiations Over The Summer

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Tim and Emma were in the studio on Friday night - I'd forgotten about it until I got a text from Tim saying "Think Cosmonauts!" This is the kind of GNOMIC messages that Producer Pattison sends every now and again - I EVENTUALLY found out that it was referring to the ICON on the computer that applied to a certain effect on the vocals. Anyway, he was getting all excited because they were doing SUCH good work, and next morning i was SIMILARLY thrilled when I downloaded the latest mixes.

For LO! they are GOOD STUFF. There's a rather KRAZY mix of Do More, Eat Less featuring the aforementioned vocal effect, also with some AMAZING bits of cutting and chopping, backing vocals, and VIBRASLAP. It's pretty brilliant, and that's BEFORE we include the horn-led representation of wildlife ballet in the middle. There's also the latest version of the EPIC (seven minutes!!) Leicester's Trying To Tell me Something which seems to be changing from the LENGTHY ROCKER I originally thought it was going to be into what i IMAGINE My Bloody Valentine to sound like. Not what they DO sound like, mind you, but what i IMAGINE.

It's GRATE having Tim go AT the mixes like this, as he keeps doing completely UNEXPECTED things, but my favourite of ALL is It Only Works Because You're Here. I've spent MONTHS trying to persuade everyone that it was a HIT, and by golly i think this proves I'm write, it sounds AMAZING. It's now got MORE Vibraslap, GORGEOUS backing vocals and FABULOUS guitars on it - Mr Machine and I have SWAPPED instruments for this one, and it does rather lend the whole thing a ZAZZ and a SHIMMY that makes it stand out rather. It's sounding GRATE - i am RATHER excited - and that's BEFORE we get round to putting the string section on. YOIKS!

The only downside is that I do rather feel like the owner of a recently promoted Conference team, who got where they did purely by having an Star Manager who they KNOW is SURELY going to be taken from them by a bigger club. When Tim said he wanted to have a go at Producing I was only HUMOURING him, thinking I'd wait until he got too upset to carry on and LEAP in. I didn't realise he'd be THIS good at it, and now I'm AFEARED!

posted 18/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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