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Blog: The Next Single

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After writing all that stuff yesterday I realised I haven't actually said WHAT the next single is, not ONLINE anyway. This is a bit surprising as OFFLINE i have been going on about it no end, as it is part of a Large Plan which ties together ALL sorts. Here's the FACTS:

The next single, if everything works out OK, is going to be It Only Works Because You're Here. The reason for this choice is twofold - 1) I think it is a HIT and have been going ON and ON for about TWO YEARS to the rest of The Vlads about how GRATE it is and have FINALLY managed to persuade them of this and 2) it's one of TWO songs from the NEXT album (the other being Do The Indie Kid) which will appear in My Exciting Life In ROCK, and so I thought it'd be a good idea to RELEASE it!

We're going to put it out (touch wood) the week before our show at Indietracks, when it will be accompanied by a BRAND NEW VIDEO (which is the one I've been busily STORYBOARDING, and which we're hoping to sort out in the next couple of weeks).

The main b-sides will be Sod It, Let's Get Pissed and Professional Competent Rocking And Tight, as these are the two songs in the show that we HAVEN'T ever properly released. I recorded a VERSION of the former yesterday, and re-mixed a previous attempt of the latter adding, IRONICALLY, some crowd noise from a gig i taped about 18 years ago featuring one of the FIRST Professional Competent Rocking And Tight bands I ever came into contact with... Tho not, by a long stretch, the last. These VERSIONS are intended primarily as Validators Learning Demos, but they turned out pretty well so may well end up being left AS IS for the single.

I said "main b-sides" up there because there will ALSO be BONUS TRACKS, I Did A Gig In New York (from the no-longer-available A Million Ukeleles and Easily Impressed and I Come From The Fens (from The Milk & Baubles EP, which I only have about 10 copies left of). The idea of having THESE on there is that people who come to see me in Edinburgh will be able to get pretty much ALL the songs in the show by buying this new single, The Lesson Of The Smiths/The Gay Train and Warriors Of Nanpantan, which I can stick together in a BARGAIN PACKAGE.

So yeah, that's the SCHEME in full - a single featuring my favourite song, accompanied by a VIDEO, which we can use to PLUG the Edinburgh Show AND the next album! If it all goes to plan it should be GRATE!

posted 19/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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