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Blog: A Business Meeting

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To the PUB last night for another Business Meeting with my Stage Manager to discuss My Exciting Life In ROCK. VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS. And maybe a little beer.

I think everything is looking pretty good, we pretty much worked out how we're going to get everything sorted out. We've got a Major Milestone (see, I said we were Business Like) at the end of June, when I'll be doing the big mailout of singles and press releases, by which time we've GOT to have all dates, flyers, press releases, mailing lists, posters and, well, EVERYTHING sorted out. After that it's just doing gigs!

Talking of which, we ALSO made a few amendments to the show ITSELF, and now it looks like I Come From The Fens and Rock And Roll Mayhem are OUT, while Clubbing In The Week and Boom Shake The Room are IN! This, i feel, makes everything MUCH better, but I'll have to have a run-through to check.

Before all THAT tho I've got to get my funky ASS in gear and find some FACE PAINTS. It is upon FACE PAINTS that the success of the entire project HANGS!

posted 20/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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is you blacking yourself up mon?
posted 20/5/2008 by Anonymous

Not exactly...
posted 20/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

Anything that depends on Face Paints HAS to be made of WIN.
I am hoping to get down to Edinburgh for one of your shows and the possibility of Clubbing in the week being on the set list has made me smile.

Paul Reaney
posted 21/5/2008 by lairdofdarkness

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