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Blog: Leicester: ADDENDUM

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I was a little TIRED yesterday and so forgot a few things that I really wanted to mention about yesterday's gig:

ITEM! On the way to St Pancras I bumped into Interweb Illuminati member Mr Rob Manuel - we were all a bit surprised about it, you NEVER bump into people you know in That London. I HAD just been THINKING grateful thoughts about how he'd pretty much TAUGHT me how to do Video Editing when we did the Gay Train Video so maybe his SINISTER REPTILIAN POWERS had caused it to happen?

ITEM! Before we did the gig we commenced filming the NEXT video, with some shots of Frankie LURKING around outside an office, and then Tom (as Main Site IT Guy) FLEEING. Standing around in the streets of Leicester shouting "YEAH! That's GRATE! Do it again with more FEELING!" was a WHOLE lot of fun.

ITEM! Tim had come all the way from INDIA to do the gig, and had bought a rather special PRESENT back with him - a bag of multi-coloured guitar-shaped sweets which, when shuffled around, looked [almost] EXACTLY like the cover to A Million Ukeleles. It was a lovely thought - the sweets themselves were a little RUM tho!

posted 24/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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I'm REALLY looking forward to hearing the full band version of It Only Works Because You're Here. I listen to the demo all the time, it's ACE!
posted 26/5/2008 by Tom

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