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Blog: A Very Busy Weekend

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Some people (in The South at least) were all upset by the X-TREME RAIN TERROR of the weekend, but personally i LIKED it, as less Lurking Around In Gardens means more ACTION PACKED ACTION. This weekend: LOTS of that.

It didn't really START that way though - Saturday seemed to involve quite a lot of loafing around the house doing bits and bobs, although we DID instigate a Grand New Curry Methodology: GOING to the curry house to order it and then having an BEER while it was cooked. This methodology is one i highly FAVOUR.

LOADS more got done on Sunday, including me coming into town and watching IRON MAN. You know those rubbish superhero films where they decide to remove pretty much ALL the good bits, and make it slightly DOUR and DARK, without any of the funny bits, EXCITING bits, or indeed ENTIRE PLOT of the original comic? This was completely NOT one of those, it was BLOODY GRATE! HOORAH! And yes, i DID stay until the very very very end to see Samuel L Jackon. ZOINKS!

I also met with Dr Neil Brown for an unscheduled HIKE across The City and a trip to TWO pubs in Mile End, one of which was an Authentic Traditional Actual East End Pub (you could tell it was authentic because EVERYONE WAS SHOUTING AT THE TOP OF THEIR VOICES) and then a BOHEMIAN pub where they had AMAAAAAZING beer. Again: HOORAH!

Then on MONDAY we had Mr Pete Knight and The Hewitts (which sounds like a 60's Beat Group doesn't it?) over for a LUNCHEON PARTY, followed by a complete run through of My Exciting Life In ROCK. Steve was taking NOTES throughout - i thought he had a LOT of ISSUES to raise, but it turned out he'd been writing out the running order. PHEW. We had a brief discussion of THAT before moving on to taking PHOTOGRAPHS.

Aaah! The PHOTOGRAPHS! Last week I bought some FACE PAINTS so as to enact the IDEA we'd fostered between us, and was delighted to find that they are DEAD easy to do - honestly, i could make a MINT at FETES witht his equipment - and looked REALLY good. Steve clambered up a step ladder and took a variety of PICS, and once I'd photoshopped out various nasal hairs and SPOTS I think we have an IMAGE that will do us proud. Once the poster is AGREED i will SHARE but my friends it is looking DEAD COOL!

That done there was time for tea and further chat re. Accomodation (BOOKED!) and trains (NOT BOOKED YET!) before we all said our farewells, and I was able to relax into TEATIME, safe in the knowledge that it had been a Bank Holiday well spent. I say one final time: HOORAH!

posted 27/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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