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Blog: Tick Tick Tick: BOOM!

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It's been a good couple of days for ticking things off The List for My Exciting Life In ROCK - the PHOTO SESSION on Sunday has spurred Steve and I on to do GRATE THINGS - we've just about BOOKED the Press Preview (Press Preview!!), and at lunchtime I posted a CD with the artwork for the posters and flyers on it. TICK and DOUBLE TICK!

Fancy a LOOK? Here we go then:


In the meantime we're gearing up for a FRENZY of Validators Activity - I've been in conference with Producer Pattison and we THINK we're just about sorted for getting the next single mixed, mastered and manufactured in time for the GLORIOUS CORPORATE SYNERGY of our Edinburgh Show/Hot New Single/World Thrashing Video PLAN to actually OCCUR. We've got QUOTES for manufacturing, Tim has ARTWORK bits from me to design the single, and this very lunchtime i went and bought some props for the video shoot (video shoot!) that will be occurring this Sunday.

And on top of all THAT there's a gig tonight at The Camden Head then ANOTHER at The Prince Albert in Brixton tomorrow night - i'm looking forward to both, but ESPECIALLY the latter now that I've realised that the Victoria Line runs late on Fridays so i WON'T be walking home. ESPECIALLY with my poorly back - still hurting thanks, but on the mend. Yes, I know, I am INCREDIBLY BRAVE. Where's my lolly?

posted 29/5/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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