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Blog: The Lamb

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Back to The Lamb last night for another Totally Acoustic. I rolled up at the bar to find my GUEST, Jim aka Jim'll's Brain asking "Do you know where Mark is?" "Here I am!" i said.

We sat down for a CHAT around that perenial topic of ROCK - bad backs - after which I went off to spend an INORDINATE amount of time trying to pay for the room - I always like to get that done as SOON as possible, to decrease the chance of someone saying "Oh no, it is hired by 300 MASONS tonight" so the way the lady behind the bar kept wandering off was ADDING to my FEAR. Barb & Mark arrived while all this was going on, and once everything was sorted we all went upstairs and set things up, in The Cabaret Style.

More lovely people arrived and soon it was time to get GOING - as per, I did a couple of songs on the ukelele to get things going, and did THESE:
  • Red & White Sockets
  • Everything's Turning Out All Right (everything)

  • I made a bit of a mess of the end of Everything's Turning Out All Right (everything) - the line "I'll base how I feel my feelings are upon the way I feel and not the was I feel I ought to feel" quite UNDERSTANDABLY slipped from my grasp - but it was nice to play it again after MANY years, and it may get done again.

    Then JIM took to the "stage" and was, as ever, AMAZING. My only disappointment of the evening was that there weren't LOADS more people there to see him, especially people of the more usual Indie Persuausion, as he's not someone you'd normally SEE at those sort of gigs. He plays The Comedy Circuit more than The Indie Scene, which is understandable as he IS very funny, but his songs are also really TOUCHING, and the way he performs them is FANTASTIC. He can go STRAIGHT from getting bit laughs with his Elvis/Non-Elvis legs to a song about clinical depression and make it seem EASY and oddly LOGICAL. By the end of his set everyone had a MASSIVE GRIN plastered on their faces - everybody: go and SEE him, he is BRILL!

    After the traditional beer/cigs/toilet break it was ME, and this is what I did:
  • The Gay Train
  • Bands From London (are shit)
  • I Did A Gig In New York
  • Work's All Right (when it's a proper job)
  • Clubbing In The Week
  • Sod It, Let's Get Pissed
  • Boom Shake The Room

  • There was a LOT of talking! I did a big chunk of My Exciting Life In ROCK and, I think, got the Story Of The Gig In Derby HONED a bit better, tho i may have to illustrate it with a DIFFERENT song. I'd excitedly given out some flyers beforehand, so used THEM as my guide throughout - once again, everyone's reaction on reading them was "Have you REALLY..." and the answer was "YES!"

    Gig done we settled down to beer, although this time around nearly everyone had to NIP OFF, so it ended up being a table of HARDENED REGULARS - Mr Charlie Flowers, Mr Peter Knight, The Glass Around My Pint, and Mr John "when he says a half he means a half" Kell - who sat around for a GOOD OLD CHIN WAG. Many items were covered, including DINOSAUR PLANET - book now for 2009!

    Another lovely night then, and, due to the use of IPA, one that has resulted in surprisingly little HANGOVER. I wish i could have spent the morning in bed tho, these late nights aren't right for a man of my age!

    posted 11/6/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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