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Blog: GIGS: Good News/Bad News

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I've just done a couple of updates to the GIGS page, with the GOOD news that The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut has not only been added to the bill of my gig in Sheffield on July 7th (a wise decision by the gig promoter, Mr P Green) with The School and Slow Down Tallahasee, but that The Pete Green (without Juggernaut) has ALSO agreed to come and play at the Press Launch (SO swanky) for My Exciting Life In ROCK on July 14th. HOOPLA! (EDIT: It's not July 1st, it's July 14th!!)

Such goodness must,as ever, be balanced by badness, and it is with regret that I report that the Duckworth Fayre all dayer has had to be CANCELLED. This is a right bugger, not least since our very own Mr Francis A. Machine has spent MONTHS helping to organise it, only for them to be THWARTED at such short notice. BOO!

posted 16/6/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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