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Blog: Investing In The Future

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JINKIES! There is a whole lot of CASHFLOW USAGE going on at the moment, as preparations for My Exciting Life In ROCK continue. This morning I sent off about a GRAND's worth of cheques for accomodation in Edinburgh, the mixing/mastering of the new single and, perhaps MOST excitingly, for BADGES!

BADGES! We're getting some BADGES made for everyone who comes to a show - hopefully there'll be enough for everyone who comes to the Dress Rehearsal (July 1st, The Lamb, That London), Press Preview (July 14th, The Cross Kings, That London), World Premiere (July 25th, Indietracks Festival) and The Actual Edinburgh Run (August 4-9, Medina & Negociants, EDINBURGH). Blimey, that seems like a LOT of gigs, doesn't it? It's all I can do to stop myself PANICKING and ordering a MILLION more - I've got 600 coming, I'm sure that'll be enough, won't it?

I'll probably have 550 left over at the end won't I? I'm ALSO getting 100 rather special OTHER badges done, JUST FOR FUN. Originally I ordered these ones, as I say, JUST FOR FUN, but I think what we'll do is AWARD them to anyone who comes TWICE, so long as they're wearing the badge they got the first time. How about that? It'll be like the BLUE PETER badge... except it won't get you into any museums. But otherwise, EXACTLY THE SAME!

posted 17/6/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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Dear Everyone

YOU WILL WANT one of the second badges, i have seen them, they are ACES.
posted 17/6/2008 by CarsmileSteve

Hey, what about the Sheffield gig on 7 July? Don't we get badges too?

posted 17/6/2008 by Pete Green

The Sheffield one's not going to be a proper full SHOW tho, it'll be about half of it, followed by me sat drinking BEER! Don't worry tho, SHEFFO MASSIVE, I'll bring Special Items!
posted 17/6/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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