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Blog: Unprecedented Levels Of Practicing

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Whilst getting on the train to Leicester at St Pancras last night I noticed a bloke walking nearby had a satchel with "Gavin Estler - Newsnight" written on it. "Unusual", i thought, "I'd've thought these days it'd be Funeral For A Friend or My Chemical Romance, rather than news presenters". Half an hour later, on the way to the buffet, i noticed that the REAL Gavin Estler - Newsnight - was sitting in the same carriage as me, with a BBC TEAM. I was IMPRESSED with their sensible use of licence payers' money, not just for going Standard Class but going when it was CHEAP. When we got to Leicester they had an argument about which way to get out of the station, so i told one of them which way to go. Later on we saw a bit of the Newsnight Special: NHS Midlands. I didn't watch long enought to see the bit where they said the ENTIRE PROGRAMME was saved by my help, as otherwise they'd all be still wandering around in the car park, but I'm sure it was there somewhere.

ANYWAY I then HIKED, VERY sweatily, across town to Tom's to meet him JUST as he got home from work. We went and got ourselves a PROPER CHIPPY TEA from the PROPER CHIPPY down the road and then set off for Woodhouse Eaves, where we were due to have our first (NOT our only!) practice for My Exciting Life In ROCK. We popped into Pattison Mansions to say hello to the younger Pattisons (and to find myself PHYSICALLY COMPELLED by CENTURIES OF EVOLUTION to say, upon noting that Edie's front teeth had fallen out, "Ooh, have you been fighting?" It was all I could do to stop myself from MAGICALL producing a farthing from behind her ear) and to look upon the BUILDING WORK. They have basically built a whole OTHER HOUSE on the side of theirs, it is AMAZING.

Down to the Village Hall where we were joined by Mr F A Machine for a DELIGHTFUL practice, quite possibly my favourite EVER. Tim set up a quieter (NB tho not actually QUIET) kit of just a couple of drums, while the rest of us gathered round. I had my ukelele and guitar to hand, while Francis rather outshone me with guitar, trumpet AND Euphonium. Tom had his POSH violin out, while Emma I think found the RACKET of us, even acoustically, a bit much without a microphone. I was BELLOWING as per, but I think we'll bring a little amp for her next time.

It was LOVELY tho - we sat around running through ALL the songs in the show and they sounded really nice. We practically CONJURED UP a CAMPFIRE in the middle of the room, such was the relaxed VIBE of it all. Rehearsing for us is usually a RIGHT pain and involves spending time in horrible, stinky, HOT rehearsal rooms - I wish we could ALWAYS do our practices this way.

HIGHLIGHTS, apart from discussion of Topics Various throughout, including us all trying to give Euphonium Guidance, a bit of HARMONY, and a SMASHING try-out of CHORAL SINGING for the middle bit of Sod It, Let's Get Pissed.

We packed up, said our goodbyes, and then headed variously home, me going back to Tom's where we drank WHISKY and watched Dr Who - he'd not seen this week's, so the rest of us had to NOT SPEAK OF IT. It was very difficult, especially when actually WATCHING it. I think I managed OK.

And now I'm back in town and gearing up for tonight's DRESS REHEARSAL. Life In The Theatre, it is ALL GO!

posted 1/7/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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