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Blog: Edinburgh: Day 6

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It was a quieter, more sombre household that gathered next morning around the TV, as we contemplated What Had Occurred. HANGOVERS were somewhat in evidence.

I had a proper student LUNCH, combining WORLD CUISINE to make Balti Pasta out of everything left in the cupboard, and eventually we struggled up and out, away to The Royal Mile where I was due to do my LAST bit of busking, as follows:
  • (theme from) My Exciting Life in ROCK
  • Red & White Sockets
  • Sod It, Let's Get Pissed
  • Boom Shake The Room
  • Back For Good

  • It was quite BRIEF as people were drifting past somewhat, though they did once again gather around for Boom Shake The Room - LESSON LEARNT: next time, learn some more covers!

    We dropped into the Fringe Office to hand in our PRS form (to ensure the CA$H for playing all those songs goes to ME and Will Smith, not Phil Collins) then into The Alabanach to find it BUSY, so round the corner to the LOVELY Halfway House. I dealt with my hangover with a PINT, Steve forced down a lemonade before relenting with SHANDY. It helped a bit, and we ended up NOT talking about next year, but rather THEORIZING about shows one COULD do if one were so minded. For me, the top choice was decided when Steve said "But surely that would have to involve me walking up and down the Royal Mile in a Dinosaur Costume?" SOLD!

    It was nearly SHOWTIME so we went back to The Medina for the last time, me checking emails, Steve doing a bit of flyering, and then going downstairs to find that Amateur Transplants had got all their gear set up. We'd agreed beforehand that they'd leave their stuff on stage, as we had a NO Minutes handover time, but they'd very kindly moved all their gear to the side so I had PLENTY of room.

    We got set up, open the doors, and people started coming in... and KEPT coming in! I'm not sure how many we had, as I got a bit excited and also TOO BUSY to write everything down, but we reckon it was about FIFTY - ZOINKS! It included many PALS who'd come over from Glasgow, also The Comedian Daniel Kitson (HOORAH!) and a whole LOAD of people I didn't know at all. The show went GRATE, probably the best one yet, and ended with a big round of applause for my colleague Mr Hewitt, before we had to DASH to get everything off stage. Outside, in the POURING rain, was a queue of over a 100 people who wanted to get in QUICK for Amateur Transplants!

    We popped upstairs to find Negociants FULL, so DASHED across to The Pleasance Dome for a refreshing BEER. I then went back to the venue where I saw the last 10 minutes of Amateur Transplants then went and properly packed up our stuff. I said a HEARTY THANKS to Andy, the venue owner, returned the float and paid our FEES and felt HOPEFUL that I'd see him again next year!

    A Taxi ride with a very friendly driver with a VERY strong accent saw me back at the flat where I dumped gear, WASHED, then dashed for the bus, getting back to Our Team about an hour after leaving. There was MORE BEER, much RELIEF that it had all gone so well, and a JOLLY GOOD TIME all round.

    After a while we hit MAGIC MOVING TIME: everyone finished their drinks almost simultaneously so we all made various moves, with a select group of us going round the corner for DELICIOUS Pizza, with Steve and I making a start on The Telling Of The Stories of The Week. Then it was back in a taxi and HOME, me for IRISH COFFEE, he for ROCK CHOCOLATE before bed.

    It was over - we'd DONE it!

    posted 11/8/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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