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Blog: Back To Life, Back To Reality

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After the months and months of preparation for Edinburgh, it feels a bit strange to be suddenly on the other side of it all, but also rather nice. I find myself with evenings free in which i can go to the PUB with PALS, just for the HECK of it, which is really rather lovely. I'm also catching up with a PILE of emails and admin, including updating my bits on the PopArt Digest again. We're still on my Scottish Tour of 2004, with the Edinburgh gig coming up tomorrow - it would have been nice to have been able to get it online last week, but the place i was BLOGGING from didn't have a USB port, so the carefully pre-prepared entries never made it on there.

Other admin included spending a VERY happy couple of hours last night recording a new song, Conkers Bonkers. As the name suggests, it's NOT exactly a sequel to Born With The Century or anything - it's a theme tune for a feature on Mr Bob Fischer's Gobstopper programme on BBC Tees, where he gets guests to bring in Conkers with him. As I spent most of last week saying in the show, sometimes you have to ask yourself "Would Bobby Gillespie do this?" If the answer, as in this case, is "NO" then you can bet it'll be a LOT of fun, and indeed it was. After MONTHS of pretty much sticking to the same eleven songs it was LOVELY to be doing something NEW again, especially something new which features about twelve tracks of backing vocals all done in SLIGHTLY different accents.

I've also been thinking about DINOSAUR PLANET a bit too, and in the middle of the night last night had a GRATE idea about what The Point of it all is. I do like to have a POINT to this sort of thing - some might suggest that DINOSAURS and GIANT ROBOTS would be enough for anybody, but it's always nice to think it MEANS something, and I think I've thought of something that might make it all quite poignant. If we do it there'll still be DINOSAURS, GIANT ROBOTS and, as of last night, THE BIG BLUE CITY OF TOMMOROW (which looks like a massive blue jelly mold floating in space) tho, so don't worry, it'll still be THRILL PACKED too!

posted 13/8/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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