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Blog: Going For Gold M'Duck

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Like pretty much everybody else in the country at the moment i am a) SWELLING with NATIONAL PRIDE as our Fabulous Athletes storm through the Olympics and b) more informed about The Keirin than I ever thought I would be i.e. I now vaguely know what it IS. That little old bloke who keeps accidentally getting onto the track with his moped, he's my FAVOURITE.

One of the BEST things about it all is how NICE they all seem to be - after years of watching very talented but INCREDIBLY DULL footballers who've been media-trained to the point where they probably call a press conference to ask for a cup of tea, it's BRILLIANT to see all these Actual Normal Human Beings on telly, and best of ALL is the fact that they've all got PROPER ACCENTS. I'm thinking especially of Rebecca Adlington's MANSFIELD accent, also the over-excited road cycling ladies - you get so used to hearing ACTORS doing the same standard accents all the time (e.g. brummie for ALL Midlands accents) or politicians being either POSH or SCOTTISH, that to actually hear normal British accents outwith the M25 is rather strange and rather wonderful.

And, of course, now we FINALLY have a Peterborian Olympian, in the form of Louis Smith - he went to school in WERRINGTON! He lives in EYE!!! - to rival our previous big champion, Geoff Capes. I don't know if Louis has any intention of going on to a career in budgerigar breeding like Mr Capes, but if he does I shall certainly have a visit.

It's all rather brilliant anyway, although it's STILL a bit strange watching an International Sporting Competition where... well, we seem to be doing quite well. Shouldn't we be baying for the blood of the manager by now, and wondering whether we can bring ourselves to support Germany?

posted 19/8/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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