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Blog: The Songs Are Back

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Last night I had a BRANE ATAK, and got the idea not only for ONE new song, but a whole BUNCH of them, all on the theme of "SCIENCE!" We'll see how this goes, after thinking of it I got as far as writing two lines of the first song I'd thought of "Born Yesterday" and then had to go to bed because I'd hurt my BRANE by using it too hard, but the little bit I DID get worked out made me LARF with pleasure.

In celebration, I am happy to announce that The Songs Are Back! OK, you probably hadn't noticed they'd gone, but if you go to the list of songs you'll see that it's ever so slightly more comprehensive, also up to date, than it used to be. Until a couple of weeks ago most of the lyrics and NOTES on the songs were stored on the server at my old work. Last time I went to my old work I couldn't help but notice that, whenever somebody used this system, it appeared on the server logs, so as it was the last time I'd have the chance, I DELETED the whole lot, before anybody noticed. All that remains of the original site of my Interweb-based ACTIONS is a single page. Somehow it seems fitting.

Anyway, yes, I've worked out a nice way of showing songs and lyrics which, hopefully, will allow people to link to them much more easily, if need be. Take a look, why don't'cha?

posted 23/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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