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Blog: Half Man Half Biscuit

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The Colours Of My Dukla Prague Away Kit and I were off to Kentish Town last night, to go and see Half Man Half Biscuit at The Forum. We popped into The Pineapple, just around the corner, on the way, to meet PALS and it seemed like a LOT of people had had the same idea. A Regular at the bar said "This doesn't usually happen - people don't usually know we're here" and I pointed out that THIS gig crowd was a little more EXPERIENCED at the various venues of Britain, especially when it came to knowing where the BEER was. INDEED during the time I was there the REAL ALES went down from three to two and then to ONE, at which point the bar staff started calling out "Somebody buy some LAGER!"

Other cool thing that happened: Mr S Hewitt recieved a text message from a pal who'd heard somebody say "That bloke over there looks like MJ Hibbett!" For a brief moment i felt like RINGO STARR!!

It's a nice pub and we had a lovely time IN it, especially as it was FULL of people I knew - some of whom we'd arranged to meet, but most of whom had come because a) it's Half Man Half Biscuit b) this was the nice pub nearby. SENSIBLE. This continued once inside as we bumped into MORE pals, even inside a GIGANTIC venue like the Forum. I'd never been before so was stunned to see it was so HUGE, and extremely pleased to note that it was also PACKED. I'm sure there was a time when there'd be plenty of room at Biscuits gigs, but they seem to be playing BIGGER and bigger venues every time I see them.

The gig itself was BRILL, kicking off with "Restless Legs" and leading into nearly two hours of GRATE songs. There weren't any new ones but there did appear to be a lot of BITS in between songs, the sort of BITS that a year later turn out to have been Nigel TRIALLING ideas that end up being songs themselves. My favourite was when he talked about the loyalty of teaspoons which follow you through life, it was a LOVELY idea so whatever song it ends up in will be ACE.

My favourites of the evening were "Too Problem Chimp To The Ideal Home Show" and "Country Practice" - I was just emerging from the loo when that came on, and i WHOOPED! Actually, on the way to the loo I had the only ANNOYING aspect of the whole evening. Stood at the top of the stairs to the bar area was a bloke looking MOST annoyed that people kept walking past him. "I'm not a gangway" he said... stood at the top of the stairs to the bar area. Gently I leant in and, JOKING, said "I think you are mate", at which point he stuck his leg backwards to try and trip me up as I walked away! What a tosser - so I turned round and "ACCIDENTALLY" gave him a KICK. Pillock!

Anyway, when it was all over we gathered with Mr S Hewitt and Mr J Kell outside to discuss how FAB it had been. Steve said that the only person he'd NOT seen was Eddie Argos From The Art Bruts... just as Eddie Argos From The Art Brutes walked past us. We said our farewells and The Songs In My Encore and I staggered off to the TUBE, for of BEER and TUNES. Half Man Half Biscuit are GRATE!

posted 17/10/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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as far as i could tell the pineapple got through a BARREL of doom bar in the time it took me to drink a pint of it...
posted 18/10/2008 by CarsmileSteve

I STILL can't believe I got her name wrong
posted 18/10/2008 by James

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