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Blog: Sitting On The Porch

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I had a LOVELY weekend this weekend - i don't want to sound like a GRIZZLED OLD WARHORSE or anything, but after the FRANTIC month of dashing around, ROCKING (alarmingly, excluding when we went on holiday, this was my first full weekend at home for SEVENTEEN WEEKS!) it was lovely to not really HAVE to do anything, apart from potter around the house, occasionally having cups of tea/watching telly with The Doors On My House. BRILLIANT.

That's not to say there was no ROCK - far from it, as I wrote not one but TWO songs for adverts. The first was meant to be CLASSICAL ACOUSTIC MUSIC and, as you would probably guess, i STRUGGLED. I had FIVE different attempts and SWEATING over it on Saturday afternoon and evening then ALL of Sunday morning, and though i actually rather LIKED the end result it wasn't what was quiet. The SECOND one was rather more easy, as it was meant to be ENERGETIC and "like the theme tune to Jamie Oliver's New Show". I watched a video for this... song... and VERY EASILY wrote one that wasn't much like it, but INSPIRED. It too is instrumental but it MIGHT be possible to sing DISPARAGING words about someone having GURL'S HAIR over the top of it.

I'll try and get round to putting some of these ad songs on the new songs page soon. I've been meaning to do it for a while now, but: BUSY!

It's all been a bit much really, but things quiet down considerably now (although 70 Gigs for 2008 is looking even more likely as I've just confirmed two more) and, as I keep saying in order to convince myself, NEXT year I'm going to do a lot less. Current plans state hardly ANY gigs January-April, so's we can have time to get the next album ready... but I guess we'll have to see. Having TOO MANY gigs, it's not such a bad problem really!

posted 3/11/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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