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Blog: Urban Hiking And Googly Eyes

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It was a busy and DIVERSE weekend what has just gone by - Saturday found me meeting Dr N Brown for an URBAN HIKE. Back in the summer we went for a BEER but couldn't find a nice pub so ended up walking for about an HOUR, and had such a nice time doing so that we agreed to do it PROPERLY another time. THUS we met up at Mile End Station and HIKED along the canal to Limehouse Basin, then along the Thames Path stopping briefly at THE BEACH (it had SAND!) and in a PUB before marching all the way to Temple on the Embankment, through Covent Garden, ending up at The Museum Tavern here in picturesque Bloomsbury. It was BRILL, and by HECK that pint at the end felt WELL EARNED. Next time we're going to go in the other direction towards Leytonstone, conquering HACKNEY MARSHES as we go, and hopefully ending up at The North Star. Urban Hiking: it's like normal hiking but with a LOT more pubs, also corner shops.

In stark contrast, almost the entirety of Sunday was spent at the computer doing the VIDOE for The Big Christmas Single. I got LOADS done, including a LOT of filming (for future reference: The Santa Bob Dylan bit, the Open University bit, the New 24 bit - it'll make sense when you see it) and SPLICING, as well as finally getting the hang of PANNING, CROPPING and especially CHROMA KEYING. I tell you what, when I set off on the rocky road of ROCK i expected to pick up a few skills along the way - drinking bourbon, finger picking, riding motorcycles, talking to GURLS etc etc - but I never in my wildest dreams expected to be turned into a VIDEO EDITTING MACHINE. I can do GREEN SCREEN now! OK, not very well, but still, it's like a one man WETA WORKSHOP round mine at the moment!

There's still a little way to go, with pretty much the whole last verse to film and some TWEAKING, but it's looking pretty good I must say. Release date is December 8th, and BY GOLLY you will be informed when it's ready to see!

posted 24/11/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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