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Blog: Working From Home

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I was WORKING FROM HOME yesterday - Working From Home is GRATE, it means a) you get to work SUPER EARLY (i.e. straight after - sometimes DURING - breakfast) b) you can watch TELLY while you have your lunch c) you can talk to the CATS d) the FACT there's loads of stuff to do means you get on and DO your work stuff quicker to get it over with and also e) the time you would normally spend gazing out of the window/playing solitaire/refreshing your facebook updates [delete as appropriate] can instead be channelled into ROCK.

THUS I got a HECK of a lot done yesterday, and by the evening time I had not only written and recorded a new ADVERT SONG (featuring the lyric "a hod full of the future", which i am particularly pleased with) but nearly finished the VIDEO for the Christmas Single. I got up extra early this morning and DID finish it, including sub-titles at the end so everyone can sing along, and BY HECK i am MOST pleased with it. It's taken an ENORMOUS amount of work to do - not only are there TWENTY FOUR seperate scenes, one for each window on the calendar, but also several different versions of the chorus, the calendar itself, The Validators version of BAND AID and all SORTS of extra bits. I'm hoping that there's SO much in it that people will want to re-watch it, I am RATHER proud of it.

It'll be available to DOWNLOAD from December 8th, and will be HERE on that very day - tho if you'd like an EARLY ALERT to it going online, do please sign up for the newsletter. Talking of which, I've got THIS month's to send out now - TO THE EMAIL!

posted 27/11/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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