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Blog: Live At The BBC

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Myself and The Waves Of My Frequency had a DAY OUT in That London on Saturday. When you actually live here it's quite easy to just think of it as a place full of noisy neighbours and people taking up two seats on the tube, so it is GRATE to get out and take advantage of all the MEGA BRILLO stuff that is contained here.

MEGA BRILLO was far from my mind when we arrived and spent a GHASTLY five minutes struggling along Oxford Street - WHITHER Credit Crunch? - but were soon in Manchester Square to have a look at The Wallace Collection. I do like a good gallery or museum, especially now I am a Man Of The World who knows how to do them properly: as I will say when I eventually get round to writing the song "Museums Of One Thing", the very BEST kinds of museum/gallery are those that concern themselves with ONE thing. Examples include The Singapore Philately Museum and the Boudin Bakery and Cable Car museums in San Francisco. Yes, I know there are less FLASHY ones I could have mentioned, but as I've BEEN to these museums I thought I might as well get some GROOVY CRED out of the fact.

Anyway, as I say, Museums Of One Thing are BEST because they always ALSO give you a history of the local area DEFINED by their One Thing, have FANTASTIC shops full of One Thing-related products and are generally EXTREMELY QUICK to get through. Knowledge of this can then be used to make visits to OTHER multi-subject museums MUCH more bearable. For instance, rather than spend HOURS slogging round the British Museum being BORED SENSELESS by a parade of items which, while fascinating on their own, all blend into one after a while, it is MUCH better to treat it as, for instance, The Rosetta Stone Museum and just ignore everything else as you DASH through to MARVEL at your chosen MARVEL.

THUS I DRAGGED us as fast as I could through The Wallace Collection in order to get to The Laughing Cavalier. Our speed was impeded by the fact that The Paint On My Canvas kept seeing INTERESTING THINGS, and also by me doing a Classic Double Take as we passed a REMBRANDT self-portrait and i went "What the?!?! I know that face!" When we got there tho it was WELL worth the trip, The Laughing Cavalier is GRATE!

One stroll through rooms full of REAL LIVE SUITS OF ARMOUR we were OUTTA THERE and off to our second port of call, THE BBC. We've recently been applying for tickets for Radio Shows, and this time had got tickets to go and see Danny Robbins Music Therapy being recorded. We actually saw two shows, one after the other, which took quite a while as they did loads of re-takes (i.e. Re-recording lines that didn't go properly the first time). It was quite good - Isy Suttie, the co-presenter, was really good and in the second show they had a rapper called Doc Brown who was VERY funny indeed - though the actual script seemed a bit hit and miss. I guess they will SHAVE chunks of it off when it goes out on the air.

One bit that may well not make it featured ME. Beforehand we were given questionnaires to fill in, asking what our phobias were. The Ink In My Pen thought long and hard over hers, while I wrote down the first thing that came into my BRANE as my FEAR, which was "Timmy Mallet getting the Dr Who job". INEVITABLY it was mine that got read out, and ALSO INEVITABLY I didn't really have anything funny to say about it, and as nobody else did either I think it probably won't go out. Still, i can now say I have recorded for the BBC in The BBC Radio Theatre - me and RADIOHEAD!

posted 1/12/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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