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November is over, which means MOVEMBER is over and thus I have SHAVED my moustache off.

And BLIMEY, was it ever a relief - throughout the month I've occasionally considered KEEPING it as i was quite impressed that i managed to grow it PROPERLY. As you can see from the photographs it did look like a PROPER moustache by the end. Unfortunately it looked like a PROPER moustache on super mario, and FELT like having an annoying hair sticking in your mouth TIMES A HUNDRED. It also made me feel some sympathy for LADIES who complain that people only ever talk to their CLEAVAGE - many was the time I thought "I am not just a COMEDY MOUSTACHE, DAMMIT!"

Hence, despite protestations from several quarters, it was REMOVED at the end of the month and now I am looking in the mirror thinking "YOINKS! It's ME again! HELLO!". Thankfully quite a few people SPONSORED ME so my Month Of Looking Daft did at least raise some CA$H for Marie Curie - thanks LOADS to everyone who did so, it was very much appreciated, and if anybody else would like to join them, the sponsorship page is still very much open for business!

posted 2/12/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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