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Blog: Working From Home: The Lunch Hour

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I'm working from home again, which is ESPECIALLY brilliant today because it means I don't have to go outside into the FREEZING COLD. Ugh! This weather, is HORRID.

It also means I can sit and listen to music VERY VERY LOUDLY INDEED, and having received the latest mixes from Producer Pattison that is EXACTLY what I've been doing. COR! This new album of ours, it is sounding GRATE! Especially if played at XTREME VOLUME - I've also got a new/final mix of our cover of "House Of Fun", which sounds SUPER-FAB. Loud music, i reckon it could catch on!

Meanwhile in The World Of Media I find that, as expected, they didn't use my REMARKS in the broadcast version of Danny Robin's Music Therapy, which is fair enough as they weren't hugely hilarious! What HAS been used, however, is my MOUSTACHE in a Movember feature in The Guardian! ZANG!

I should say, however, that the picture is incorrectly creditted, as it was taken by The Lens In My Camera. The wardrobe choice, however, was all my own.

posted 3/12/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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