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Blog: The Royal Festival Hall

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It was a mighty step UP in the world of The Music Business on Sunday afternoon, as we went off on a household outing to a gig at The Royal Festival Hall. Unsurprisingly it wasn't ME who was playing, rather The Melodies In My Song, who was singing as part of The Bishopsgate Singers. They're an open CHOIR which we both joined a couple of months ago but which I DROPPED OUT of after a fortnight - the combination of TWO things which I absolutely dread AND am dreadful at (having to be sociable, on my own, with people I don't know AND singing in tune) was all a bit scary for me, but The Note On My Scale LOVES it, and has been singing the various songs around the house for weeks.

THUS I knew all the words, but had a WHALE of a time. There's something very powerful about a hundred people all singing together, and it's not just the MASSIVE VOLUME that it causes. It was four part harmony throughout and pretty amazing to think that someone had sat down and worked it all out - the arranger/conductor lady was a pretty DYNAMIC FORCE, practically DANCING throughout the whole performance, geeeing people along and keeping the whole thing together. Suddenly being in a band felt PEASY!

It was GRATE anyway, and I even managed to politely NOT tell everyone else in the choir that, though they were good, The Tempo Of My Beat was BEST. Although she, clearly, was. We celebrated with CAKE, COFFEE and BEER - It's CHRISTMAS!!

posted 8/12/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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