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Blog: The Lamb

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We had a LOVELY time at Totally Acoustic last night, it was a) GRATE b) CHRISTMASSY. I got there early to meet with my FOLKS who are up for a couple of days (and who we are today taking on A Walk Around Dicken's London in... er... about an hour) and also The Star On My Tree, The Hewitts and then such a HOST of REGULARS that we had to decamp to the upstairs bar early. A STREAM of lovely peoples came in full of festive merriment (it was probably the tinsel they'd put up in the Lamb that did it) and after some CHIPS we were ready for kick-off.

First up was 10 Foot John, who was slightly NERVOUS as a) he'd not done huge amounts of solo stuff b) certainly hadn't done it Totally Acoustically and c) seemed to be worried about why on earth I'd asked him. The answer to this one very quickly became CLEAR as he DELIGHTED one and all with descriptions of what ELSE was meant to be happening in each song, what each one was about, and especially highlighting particularly good bits by going "Listen to THIS!" He was GRATE!

As indeed was Jenny Lockyer who came on next and did her "silly songs" that made the entire room GRIN like loonies. She's GRATE is Jenny, she's an RIVETTING stage presence with these funny/touching/lovely songs that she somehow manages to get the ENTIRE room to join in with. The best bit was when she made everyone do noises like a GENTLE BREEZE, it was MESMERISING. I was so pleased that they were both DEAD GOOD - part of the appeal of doing Totally Acoustic for me is that i can get people I think are BRILLO and show them to my pals, so it's always a relief when they are Fully Appreciated.

We then had a short break during which I distributed MINCE PIES - an email conversation with Mr P Knight earlier on had led me to Holborn Sainsbury's to get a PILE of them, and it had had the same effect on Pete, so we had a LOT of them to give out. It was SUPER CHRISTMASSY!

Then it was me, and I did THIS:
  • I Did A Gig In New York
  • Nobody Believed It
  • It Only Works Because You're Here
  • The Advent Calendar Of FACT
  • I Come From The Fens
  • Do The Indie Kid
  • Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid
  • Easily Impressed
  • Boom Shake The Room

  • The Lesson Of The Smiths

  • By HECK but that was a lot of fun! There was some SHAKINESS near the start when I forgot the words to Nobody Believed It but luckily had them in my POCKET - i don't think anybody noticed me getting them out and continually stopping to PEER at them, i did it WELL SUBTLEY. There was LOTS of singing along, especially in It Only Works Because You're Here and Boom Shake The Room, and a MASSIVE pile of CHATTING. I fear the Introduction To Marvel's Superhero Mythology: The Inhumans INTRO I do to Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid may one day become SO LONG it reaches into the next day, and I also worry that I get into the habit of saying the same things sometimes, which has led to Mr S Hewitt joining in with my INTRODUCTION to "Boom Shake The Room", word for word. He couldn't help himself, he just joined in!

    My favourite bit, i think, was introducing The Lesson Of The Smiths with a REVIEW of the new Take That album (precis: it's dead good) and then speaking of my great love for The That. My Dad said VERY loudly "Nothing to do with me!"

    Gig done we then relaxed into the traditional CHAT section of the evening, before wandering off down to the tube station. Totally Acoustic is ALWAYS a lovely night out, but this one was especially so - it must be Christmas!

    posted 10/12/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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    I had a GRATE time, as always, thank you muchly. Only problem was the truncated interval meant I didn't actually get to talk to my friend. DOH

    I wrote about the evening on my blog. It's very similar to what you wrote - it's almost like we were at the same gig!
    posted 10/12/2008 by britpopsurvivor

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