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Blog: Dickens' London

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Ooh, we had a LOVELY day out yesterday with The Parents, doing the first half of a Dickens' London walk I got off the interweb. Most of it involved us tramping around Lincoln's Inn Field, which I have never really been aware of before, but which was AMAZING. Old stuff! HistoricalNESS! We went into the John Soanes Museum along the way, which was INCREDIBLE, it's a totally BONKERS house owned by John Soanes The Architect which has been preserved as it was when he left it To The Nation... and the way it was THEN was NUTS. It's PACKED with lumps of Ancient Greece, Paintings and a SARCOPHAGUS. The BEST bit was The Painting Room which was a tiny little place with loads of folding doors so it could contain hundreds of paintings, including a TURNER and Hogarth's The Rakes Progress. MENTAL.

Halfway along we stopped for a PINT and discovered that The Ship (the one behind Holborn Station) was just around the corner - I've drunk in there a MILLION times, and never ever realised it was 30 seconds away from an Inn Of Court, or indeed what that meant. We went on to have a look round Temple (COOL) but once we actually GOT to the Temple decided enough was enough and went for an Historical Pint in the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (DERANGED), seeing Dr Johnson's House and the statue of his CAT by accident on the way.

IN the Cheshire Cheese I took a phone call from Mr Bob Fischer of BBC Radio Tees, asking if I fancied doing a radio interview for his show, to talk about my visit to Stockton-on-Tees today (Georgian Courtyard, 3.15pm if anybody fancies it) but I had to DECLINE because I had a funny feeling I might be too tiddly to talk straight by then. I was CORRECT!

So yes, London=GRATE, and now HO! for the trains, and THE NORTH EAST!

posted 11/12/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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