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Off to Leicester, City of Gods, last night for a LENGTHY band practice. After years of him saying it, I finally FELL before Tim's demands, and booked us in for a FOUR HOUR rehearsal. It was bloody KNACKERING!

The first half consisted of me and The Mighty Rhythmn Section making sure we actually knew how to play the chosen songs from start to finish, then practicing doing "The Symbol Of Our Nation" straight after "Things'll Be Different", and then loafing around telling each other Tales of ROCK. It was ACE. We finished off by knocking off a quick version of "Clubbing In The Week", never GIGGED by The Validators before, and, probably, never WILL be.

The second half saw the arrival of Mr McClure and Mrs Pattison, and by GOLLY did we then proceed to ROCK, it was BLOODY GRATE! It was also LOVELY - when the five of us were all together, it really felt like a BAND, a proper BAND. I've not felt that way since the Voon Reunion, the first time we got back together. It might have even been in the same stinky room in Stayfree, actually - I distinctly remember us launching headlong into "Found On The Moon" and then Quite Literally JUMPING UP AND DOWN and YELPING with excitement at the end of it.

That's how it feels with The Validators now (except the leaping and the yelping - we're all a bit older these days), I know we've been together for YEARS, but since we've SOLIDIFIED to these five people (or six, when we're in with Kev) it's felt real, natural, and BEAUTIFUL.

Blimey tho, today my EARS go zing, my KNEES go twang and my voice is a MANLY CROAK. HOORAH! HOORAH for ROCK!

posted 29/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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