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Blog: The Blitz Spirit

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So what did YOU do during The Great GMail Outage? Personally I summoned up all my PLUCK and GRIT, stiffened my UPPER LIP and... er... did a surprisingly large amount of work. Then went to the gym a bit early.

It was good I DID go early, for when I emerged I had a message from Mr Bob Fischer who was waiting round the corner, so's he could drop his guitar off and go A-WANDERING before tonight's Totally Acoustic. As he strolled off into The Big City it struck me that this was a REALLY good way of doing it - usually I spend all day PANICKING in case my Guest Artistes don't turn up, but Bob's GOT to come back, I've got his guitar! ZANG!

posted 24/2/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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