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Blog: Don't Stop Me Now

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What WAS that just then? Was it a whirlwind? A hurrican? A MAELSTROM?

It was NONE of these things, for LO! It was ME! DYNAMICALLY DOING THINGS!

The ACTION commenced as far back as WEDNESDAY when I not only started booking some GIGS for the ALBUM TOUR (more news of which when it's DONE) but also wrote a whole new SONG for Dinosaur Planet. Just the one mind - i was KNACKERED from the ROCK of the night before.

Yesterday was a different story, a story first of all of WORK as I visited TWO seperate Databases what I had done, also their owns, and went AT IT with my BRANE. Luckily for passers by a BRANE EXPLOSION was avoided by going to the PUB to meet Mr Ray Dann, with whom I drank, ATE, and then went off to the first night of the Popfest, featuring some really rather TERRIFIC bands. I'd not seen nor heard any Smittens before, but thoroughly enjoyed Side Project (i think) Let's Whisper, featuring Colin From The Smittens who turned out to be a dead nice chap.

I bought his album, a School EP and the new Pocketbooks album, which i was VERY looking forward to hearing (and still am!), then settled in to WATCH Pocketbooks, who were GRATE as ever. The only MISHAP for me was halfway through when they UNVEILED the first chunk of the line-up for this year's Indietracks... I didn't know they were even booking anyone yet, but they do seem to have booked a LOT of bands, none of which were us. I have to admit, a shard of DOOM descended at that point - we'd LOVE to be able to play again as TECHNICALLY SPEAKING we didn't last year - but happily the DOOM could not stand up for long against Pocketbooks in FLIGHT.

And if I HAD still had The Glums these would have dispersed ENTIRELY once The School were on, who were BRILLIANT. I always seem to be having to be somewhere else, usually gigging, when they play so haven't seen them HALF as often as I'd like. Such SONGS! They're GRATE!

And then today MORE action, but also more DOOM as I got an email telling me all the tracks selected to appear on the French Madness Tribute Album for which we recorded "House Of Fun"... A list which did NOT include our version of "House Of Fun". OOF! Two rejections in a row like that would sure FLOOR most bands FOREVER but The Vlads are made of sterner stuff and so i DIVED into GIG BOOKING, sorting out ANOTHER gig for the TOUR and also sending out FEELERS on a wide variety of others. I'm actually quite hopeful of getting this sorted out for next week now, when I've got a meeting with some people who might be doing our PRESS. Ooh!

In summary, then, it has been ALL GO. Thank goodness it's the weekend!

posted 27/2/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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