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Blog: The reason James Brown says "OW!"

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On Saturday lunchtime myself an Mr Ray Dann set off for EAST LAAANDAN, home of pork pie hats and Krazy Fashions, to attend the all day section of the London Popfest. Unfortunately for me the "all day" section of it was to be abandoned - I spent TOO LONG in the pub, albeit having a DELIGHTFUL time - so by the time I got to the actual gig I was, to say the least, TIDDLY. This did not prevent my enjoyment of the acts I DID see - Mr P Green and his Corporate Juggernaut were as marvellous as ever, and I was VERY pleased to discover that the reason people have been making such a fuss about Town Bike is that they are GRATE. Cor, I was WELL impressed with them and bought yet ANOTHER CD to remind myself of the fact.

After that, however, I began to suspect that maybe I should go home - the main indicator being falling down a very small flight of steps and ending up sliding across the floor on my knees. I thought I had managed to save my DIGNITY by going "Ta-da!" at the end and, LIKE JAMES BROWN, staying down there for applause. Unfortunately a) i wasn't getting up because I was a bit STUCK and b) I probably looked more like Peter Kay.

THUS I took the wise option and headed HOME for curry and for BED. While this meant I missed some bands it DID mean I was fresh and SPRY come Sunday when I met with Mr S Hewitt at The Salmon & Compass, where we were due to host the QUIZ. I'd spent the morning working out some Belle & Sebastian songs on UKELELE for my round, Steve had brought one of his own, and between us and Mr J Jervis, Mr B Clancy and various others we managed to bash together a fairly respectable quiz, I think.

It all seemed to go down pretty well anyway, and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed doing my Belle & Sebastian songs, with added WHISTLING, as follows:
  • The State That I Am In
  • The Boy With The Arab Strap
  • Judy And The Dream Of Horses
  • Is It Wicked Not To Care?
  • We Rule The School
  • Stars Of Track And Field
  • Seymour Stein
  • Belle And Sebastian
  • String Bean Jean
  • Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie

  • It was all very lovely but once again I decided to follow THE PATH OF SENSE and headed home not long afterwards, FAREWELLING this time with rather more SOBRIETY than on the Saturday. To be honest I think I should have spent a bit LESS time sitting around in the pub on Saturday and a bit MORE watching actual bands, but HEY! I had a GRATE time doing it, so i think I shall chalk it up to experience. I just wish my KNEES would stop hurting. OW!

    posted 2/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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    Did Belle & Sebastian split up after the second album then?
    posted 3/3/2009 by Francis

    Don't be ridiculous - their THIRD album.
    posted 3/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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