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Blog: Spinal Tap: DOCUMENTARY

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Yesterday I was waiting for ALBUMS, today I have been waiting for POSTCARDS, although I chose this time not to TWITTER about it this time (I am SO modern, I am TWITTING like At TWIT at Yesterday I tried to SUMMON UP the delivery man by electronically SINGING to him - it seemed to work, tho did seem to drive the unlucky few who had to listen to me DOING so to distraction, so decided not to repeat the experience.

It seems it isn't strictly necessary anyway, as upon my return from lunch I found the postcards had arrived! HOORAH! I'd ordered a THOUSAND of them as a nice little Promotional Item, and also because I always use postcards as NOTES anyway when sending out stuff people buy in the shop, so thought it'd be good to have some Official ones for future use.

I fairly SKIPPED downstairs with the MASSIVE box of them. Would they be all right? I wondered. They had been QUITE expensive - a bit more than I expected, actually - but if they were good then HECK IT, they'd be worth it.

I opened the box - they look AMAZING. Just GORGEOUS things, except for one tiny TINY little problem. You know how, to get a postcard sized piece of paper, you fold an A4 sheet of paper in half once, then twice? And that that means it's A6, right? And not A5?

Clearly I had NOT realised this when ordering them, as LO! They are BLOODY MASSIVE! They're like postcards you'd send to POOLS WINNERS or something - I did the back just like a normal postcard, divided in two and with a space for a stamp, so I can't even pretend they're ART PRINTS or something, they're just LUDICROUSLY HUGE POSTCARDS!

Still, they fit into envelopes fine and they DO look nice - and hey hey, SOMETHING was always going to go wrong somewhere with this whole process, and so I'll be pleased if it's just this that ERRS!

I can only dream that one day I'll be able to post one JUST as a postcard, and blow the postman's MIND. "I'm holding it at arm's length... But it still looks so NEAR!"

posted 18/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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