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Blog: Onwards, Onwards

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Todays huge LUNGE forward involved me making an early morning trip to the post box, there to send off the First Official WAVE Of Albums. Last week I posted off copies to Validators, FAAAAMILY and various people who'd helped us out, but TODAY I was sending them to the fanzines and early-recieving radio types. I've got a big PLAN of who to send stuff to when - next I'm doing ABROAD then next week it's mostly bloggers and the week after it's mostly RADIO. I may very well get over-excited and send them ALL in one go, or - more likely - I may get FATIGUED with all the press release folding, envelope stickering, note writing, envelope stuffing and STAMPING that goes into the process.

There's a LONG way to go until it's all done, but it does feel like I'm finally getting to the FOOTHILLS OF ROCK. It's been ALL ADMIN for the past few months and, GOODNESS ME, there has been a LOT of it, but now I can just sense the faint TANG of THE SEA OF ROCK in my nostrils and (EXTENDED METAPHOR ALERT) the countryside is starting to get sandy as we HURTLE towards The Seaside Resort Of Good Times.

The only really big job after THIS will be to update the webpage and prepare things for the Early Bird Offer for newsletter subscribers. The album comes with a PDF version of a BOOKLET containing lyrics, notes and CHORDS for all the songs, but the first hundred or so people who buy it directly from the website will ALSO get a REAL LIFE PROPER BOOKLET version of it,which I have to say is a REALLY nice item. The idea is that I'll make it available to newsletter subscribers a fortnight earlier than anybody else, so they'll get first DIBS on the booklets.

Ooh! And we'll also be doing a combo deal to sell the last few remaining t-shirts off SUPER CHEAP, so hey! If you like a BARGAIN, get thyself subscribed!

posted 25/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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