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Blog: AAAaaart And Other Good Times

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The Picture In My Frame and I set off on Saturday for a Big Day Out in That London - coming into town every day for WORK means it always feels a bit strange to be doing it AGANE at the weekend, but there were plenty of LARKS to be had, starting with a trip to The Hayward Gallery, to see Mark Wallinger's 'The Russian Linesman' Exhibition.

It was GRATE - in fact it was MEGA BRILL. I always say The British Library Museum is BEST MUSEUM EVER because it's PACKED with GRATE stuff, like a Museum Greatest Hits, so that instead of SCHLEPPING round lots of To Be Honest Quite Dull exhibits you get THE BEST STUFF all packed together in a tiny room. Well, this was very much like that - not a huge place, but nearly everything was interesting and CONCEPTUALLY fitted together so that, for once, it actually WAS Thought Provoking.

As an AESTHETE and a gentleman I, of course, go to LOADS of Art Galleries and seen METRIC TONNES of things that are meant to be Thought Provoking, but usually the only thought provoked is "Can I go to the pub now?" THIS lot was brilliant tho - my especial favourite was "Berlin Remake", where they showed Communist Propaganda films along side exact re-shoots, done in the present day. It was beautiful, also SPOOKY, like you were watching the ghosts of old events, which is what Berlin feels like when you're there ANYWAY. Also the Mussolini Head, The CORRIDOR, and the string panes of glass. They were NEARLY my favourites.

We then wandered into an exhibition next door which was a bit ANNOYING (the ARTIST had made lots of stuff out of nets, and was trying to make out that the fact her NAME was Annette (A. NET.) was somehow CLEVER, when actually it was ANNOYING) but got cheered up by THEN going to look at Ujino And The Rotators upstairs, which was ACE. A guitar was being played by a vacuum cleaner, how could it be anything else?

A cup of tea, some cake and a STROLL found us in Covent Garden, where we went to The London Bead Shop. It was a BRILLIANT place - it was a shop, selling BEADS, and it REALLY made me wish i needed some BEADS. The String Of My Necklace made her purchases, we went to a nearby Delightful Restaurant for some TEA, and then headed to a PUB for a PARTY! Yes, even after all THAT we were ready to PARTY, and PARTY... Er.. Gently. The little baby brother of one of my oldest pals was having his birthday party - I was surprised they let him IN a pub, as SURELY he is under-age, as he's a couple of years younger than me, but apparently it was OK.

The DO had an OTWAY theme, as Paul (for it was he) had had his Otway love RE-IGNITED by going to see him when we all went to Putney a couple of months ago, and so there were MANY and SEVERAL songs performed. I did 'Geneva' because a) it is my favourite and b) i learnt to play it years ago, but the BEST one was Paul himself and an Colleague doing "Best Dream", which was LOVELY.

It was, all told, a GRAND DAY OUT!

posted 30/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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