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Blog: Polishing The Mantlepiece Before People Come Round

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I spent most of the last day of my LOVELY LOVELY EASTER HOLIDAYS doing further ROCK ADMIN, of various HUES.

One particularly NICE bit was rejigging the AAS Website, which has lain fallow for SEVERAL YEARS now. I decided to HACK the weeds away and MOW it down to something a bit more manageable than the VAST OVERGROWN JUNGLE of decade old FACT that it had become, so now it JUST lists the releases and links to the bands that are either still going (NOT MANY) or have some kind of web presence remaining.

It was a little disquieting to see how FEW of our original bands are still going, and how LONG AGO it all was that we used to have our monthly minuted meetings. It all began over ten years ago - surely that can't be right? - which perhaps explains why most people have packed it in. It was lovely to go and look back through all those releases, especially when I found a video for 'Be A Celebrity' by Pala and thought "that was a FAB song, why was it never a MASSIVE HIT?" It must have been the record company's fault.

I ALSO updated a couple of bits on this fair site, not least uploading the snazzy set of photographs that Mr W Stone took of us in Derby a couple of weeks ago. I'm rather KEEN on these, as we seem to have managed to look like a BAND without ALSO looking like a range of PILLOCKS. It's a tricky one to pull off, that is, but I think we managed it. JUST.

posted 15/4/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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